Shaping Up To A Better You – The Self Development Process Personal Development

The term sounds easy. Self-development – it surely comprises methods on making oneself a better person. But things start to get difficult when the ‘how’ question is asked. So how exactly is self-development achieved? What comprises this goal?

Yes, it is easy to decide “I want to be a better person starting today”. But very few people really know how to do it. Very few people know what steps and courses of action to take. This is why self-development guides and programs are developed – to help individuals pave their way towards self-development.

But to cast out some shadow that shrouds the idea of self-development, we included in this article the some of the most important parts of self-development.


Everything starts as an idea. And the desire to be a better person also starts there. And whether self-development will succeed or not largely depends on the person’s state of mind. This is why self-development programs typically focus a lot on ‘positive thinking’.

It teaches people how to achieve the correct mindset that will help them become a better person. This area may involve counseling although not always necessary.


Achieving a more pleasing personality is one of the major goals of self-development. Overall, it teaches a person how to be more attractive in the eyes of others. Of course, ‘attractive’ here does not only refer to ‘romantic attraction’.

Instead, the word ‘attractive’ here refers to many aspects. It may include the following: how to attract more friends, how to have better relations with family and relatives, how to impress your employer, how to deal with workmates, et cetera.


Communication is a huge part of oneself. How a person communicates tells a lot about his/her personality. This is why self-development includes communication-improvement trainings and programs.

In society, people who can communicate themselves more effectively are usually regarded highly. Employers for example typically prefer applicants who speak well. Good communicators also typically make more friends.


A person’s success in life is largely determined by the decisions that he/she makes in life. This is why self-development programs teach individuals how to be better decision-makers.

It teaches a person how to assess the situation more calmly and with more insight, and ultimately, how to choose the best course of action.


To make the right changes, confidence is necessary. This is why self-development programs are designed to impart people with self-confidence and self-esteem. A healthy amount of confidence can surely assist a person to be better in all aspects including communication, public relations, decision-making, and such.


  1. Daniel Lahera Says: August 3, 2016 at 5:47 am


    I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing you, because of my interest in learning more about the system you spoke of.

    I’ve never been a big believer in infomercials, nor get rich quick schemes, but I feel there has to be something better than working 50 to 60hr work weeks.

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