Personal Spiritual Self Development And Growth Personal Development

Personal Growth is my growth as a person.

It is the growth of my ego Self.

My ego self is my personal sense of Self.

It is who I believe myself to be.

When I believe that I am my personality & character then personal growth is the development of my personality & character.

I personally grow and expand my character by creating better beliefs about myself.

I personally grow and expand my personality by getting my emotional needs met and becoming more vital & energised.

Once I know my true identity, my personal growth is focused upon my personal attributes & attainments.

As I attain a better quality of emotional energy to attribute to my Self, I personally grow my state of Beingness.

As the quality of my personal power & authority grows, so does the quality of my life.

Quality of life is the purpose of personal growth.

Personal Development is something that I teach, train or instruct another to do.

It is also something that someone teaches trains or instructs me to do.

Self Development is something that I teach, train or instruct myself to do.

I coach another in the Personal Development of their Self.

I coach another to develop their Self, their self.

I personally coach my Self in Self Development, as well as others.

As a Coach, I guide & support a client to develop their Self.

Their Self development is personal to their Self.

I develop my Self to be better able to allow the Self development of others.

My Soul oversees my Self development personally.

Personal Spiritual Growth is the growth of my personal spirit.

I cannot teach, train or instruct another in their personal spiritual growth.

Spiritual Growth is an attainment of my Soul.

I cannot teach, train or instruct my Soul, or my client’s Soul.

A Soul needs no instruction, training or teaching.

My Soul requires the experience of its Self to enable my spiritual growth.

A Soul may enlist the guidance & support of a Life Coach to assist its self to experience expansive growth.

A Soul cannot grow without the conscious participation of its Self; although it can grow without a conscious-awareness by its self of its opportunities for spiritual growth.

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