New York City Trip – May 2016 Travel

We landed in New York City on May 16th, just about 2 weeks later after visiting Japan.   This New York trip was different from the other trips from before.

At the start of my trip, I ended up getting a gout attack that almost lasted my entire trip.  I had to deal with the painful flair outs I had on a daily basis.  That didn’t us from enjoying ourselves.

We ended up meeting up with friends of ours from Honolulu.  We enjoyed going to different Steak  and Sushi restaurants throughout the city (NYY Steak house, Micheal Jordan Steak House to new a few).

We visited my favorite camera shop, B&H photo.  I went back twice.  I can spend a whole day in that store.  I think I spent over $1000, and that’s without buying a new camera.

We visited Hayden Planetarium museum, New York City Library, Empire State building, shopped in Soho and Times Square.

New York City is one of my favorite places to visit and will definitely go back again.



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